Foxtel iQ2 officially released but no new features

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After three weeks of "soft launch" Foxtel HD+ is ready for the masses as it readies its media campaign for release on 22 June 2008.

Foxtel may have an official launch date but not much else. Yet.

Foxtel's Brendan Moo told us that there is no new functionality to be made available on release, and that it's essentially a launch of the iQ2 advertising campaign. He was also mum on any forthcoming features, including the rumoured mobile device support and extended storage capability.

The new campaign, which will be forever known as "the ad with the annoying whistling guy" takes us through the ages of TV and features the tag line "Wonders will never cease".

According to Foxtel, only people who signed up to the Be The First mailing list have been installed up till now, but in our experience anyone who has called and asked for it has been able to get installed. So far, over 15,000 people have taken up the service since 2 June (a date Foxtel originally denied).

And just to eliminate any confusion, Foxtel HD+ is the service while iQ2 is the box used to deliver it. One won't work without the other as Foxtel has no plans to deliver a non-PVR version of the iQ2.

Meanwhile, Moo also added that the related iQ2Go mobile device — announced two years ago — is still in the works, and despite the lack of ongoing news hasn't been scrapped.

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Linkubus posted a comment   

Funny how some original subscribers arent getting called back. I registered interest 2 days ago and have been called back 3 times too many.


hrc1079 posted a comment   

Foxtel launched there new HD site with the package pricing and said to be one of the first enter your details and we'll call you. After waiting a week and hearing nothing back I rang to discover they were taking bookings for HD installs. At this stage it was almost a 4 week wait! When I asked why I wasn't called Foxtel said that everyone was ringing to book so they didn't bother contacting the people who registered interest on the internet page. I thought this was pretty poor and once again the people who tired to follow the correct procedure get screwed over. Meanwhile all the people who couldn't be bothered entering there information into the website ring and not only jump the queue but they become "One of the first" leaving everyone else behind. At the end of the day Foxtel don't care about how they get there subscribers as long as they are getting them. Good customer service has gone out the door these days. posted a comment   

I had originally signed up to be the first and received an email, but have left countless messages, never been contacted back. Pathetic!

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