Foxtel iQ2 pricing exposed, long waits expected

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Foxtel has unwittingly unveiled its HD pricing today after inviting customers on its e-mail list to order its iQ2 set-top box, with callers experiencing long delays.

A leaked iQ2 pricing document — available from Foxtel before the sites went down for several hours — suggests Platinum HD will be AU$130.90.

A document leaked onto rumour site KnowFirst suggests that basic HD packages start at AU$75.85 with the included AU$10 iQ2 service charge and culminates in the Platinum service for $130.90.

The two main packages appear to be HD Sport with the two new Sport channels being Fox Sports HD and ESPN HD, and HD Explore with BBC HD, Discovery HD and Nat Geo HD. They appear to be priced at AU$9.95 for one or AU$14.95 for both (HD Complete), with HD movies available separately for the cost of AU$6.95 each.

The Platinum HD Service includes the current Platinum plan, plus the HD Complete channels and two movies in a choice of either SD or HD.

Up until 4PM, many internal links to pricing and information appeared to be broken — including — and Foxtel was unable to give an official explanation at time of writing.

Callers to the sales centre are reportedly experiencing long waits of 30 minutes or more as people rush to order the new service.

Foxtel has been unable to give a launch date, but a spokesperson said last week that rumours of a June 2 release were "pulled out of a hat".

At this stage, customers in the eastern states will also be able to access all of the FTA HD channels via the new iQ2 box.

Foxtel is also offering customers who sign up before August 31 a chance to win a 40-inch Sony X series TV plus the Sony DAVIS10 system according to the email.

Foxtel appears to have fixed its pricing page — you can now visit it here.

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gpos posted a comment   

A question for those that have IQ2. Are you able to hook up the IQ2 to a separate hard drive/DVD recorder? Obviously for burning something to disk. Foxtel told me the IQ2 unit has 2 lots of RCA leads, but do they block any sort of foreign recordings?


Anoyed posted a comment   

I have just upgraded to IQ2 only to find out half the promised service do not currently work ie the program search function ( which do work on IQ) if you have satelite you can't access HD though your foxtel box what is the point of spending the extra money!!!! Complaining is no point as you are told there is no compensation and to take it to your local MP. Real customer service Shame on you foxtel


Ad posted a comment   

I agree, Foxtel think they can do whatever they want and make everyone spill there guys for Pay Per View and buy this and that. If Foxtel are not careful, everyone will just start downloading. I have had Foxtel since 1998 and its still a complete joke, the quality of Sky Sports Non HD kills out quality on Foxtel Digital, they need to provide better signals, and WWE Non HD should look great like Sky Sports, but FOX8 choose to get a crappy low def version.


Easynet posted a comment   

USTV, Couldnt agree more. Payed the fee and now I'm very disappointed at the constant problems.

To have to pay to be the test pilots is a joke. I assumed I was getting the real deal and instead got a half cast half finished project. Foxtel you should be ashamed.

Consumers - Boycott Foxtel ! its the only way to get action.


USTV posted a comment   

Fact: I have IQ2 got it installed for free. $its not worth $200 instal fee, barely worth the extra $10.

Just like Telstra in Aus were back in the early 90's Pompous arrogant monopolistic before competition came along, Foxtel are the same.

I hear from very good sources that they will soon be having a special on IQ2 installation costs due to lack of interest.

Keep this in mind before shelling out funds for just Five I repeat 5 channels.


moldor posted a comment   

Foxtel customer service are complete prats. I asked them why their webpage (for programming the IQ) couldn't be mod'd to show what you had already programmed (technically not difficult, using cookies or saving preferences on their server), and all they'd say was "Because it doesn't" - and that was their "technical support" area !!

And when I asked for details of an API so I would write an iPhone app to do it you'd swear I was asking for their first-born !!!

And don't get me started on their installer - he screwed up a power point and it took me 5 hours and threats of the TIO and ripping the box out to get them to contact him to come back.

If it wasn't for a promise I made my two little girls, I'd rip the bloody thing out and throw it back at them.


expom posted a comment   

as per previous comments....foxtel can think again if they for one minute assume loyal customers are gong to shell out $200 just to come and change a box over. Rang up and told them so and informed them that i'd get one when they bring down the prices as per their usual deals. The girl i spoke to seemed to be quite surprised by the attitude........I suggest more people give them a ring to inform them that they're dreaming if they think the majority of their customers are stupid enough to install it


disgusted posted a comment   

@Relax - nice try being a corporate shill

Do you really think that $200 allows you to keep the box? When you're done with Foxtel - they get it back.

As tallackn has pointed out, the install fee is offensive as it is being charged even if you are a current IQ customer. They even tried to justify the fee by saying I get an HDMI cable with it - WTF? Who cares - my HDTV doesn't even have an HDMI port.

No way they're getting my dough until they drop the stupid charge - it's not worth it.


Relax posted a comment   

$200 is pretty cheap for a HD PVR with 3+ tuners. On this box you can record two different channels whilst watching a third channel live.
A comparable dual tuner HD PVR for FTA TV retails for around $600.
I haven't got IQ yet but have a SD PVR and this IQ2 looks like very good value.


Cate posted a comment   

$200 for installation is not only a joke but a slap in the face for those of us that already have IQ. I won't be getting IQ2 until Foxtel rethink the installation charge.
On the plus side, my IQ box pooped itself last night and they'd have come as early as Weds if it was convenient to me but it wasn't so they're coming Saturday morning - I can't really complain about that.

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