Foxtel launches catch-up TV service for its iQ box

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Foxtel has launched an internet catch-up TV service, accessible from its iQ PVR.

To access the recently launched service, all you need to do is plug in an Ethernet cable from your internet router to the back of your Foxtel iQ box, and enable On Demand services via either the Foxtel website or its support line (131 999). Once that's done, you can catch up on content from up to 50 of Foxtel's channels, including Fox 8, A&E, Showcase, UKTV, Arena, Cartoon Network and FX.

Catch-up content will, generally, be put up the midnight after its first screening and will be available for viewing for up to 28 days. Although the service won't add to your monthly Foxtel bill, you need to be subscribed to the relevant channel to be able to use that channel's catch-up service — so, alas, there'll be no sneaking in free Game of Thrones episodes.

The service is unmetered for BigPond internet users. According to Foxtel, the catch-up service has an average variable bit rate of 1.4Mbps, maxing out at 4Mbps, at certain points.

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