Foxtel launches new movie channel service

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The pay-TV provider has revealed details of its new movie channel package, which will be replacing the Movie Network.

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From 1 January 2013, Foxtel will move to a simplified package of movie channels with an increased emphasis on video-on-demand content. The new service, called Foxtel Movies & Premium Drama, comes in the wake of Foxtel's acquisition of Showtime and its decision to discontinue its contract with the Movie Network.

Foxtel Movies & Premium Drama will include seven movie channels, a dedicated channel for HBO drama (Showcase), along with World Movies and two time-shifted channels that will show Movie Premiere and Showcase programs two hours later than the original programming.

Foxtel noted that for the Showcase channel, many of the programs will be broadcast express from the US.

Video-on-demand content will also be expanded and made available to subscribers at no additional cost.

Current subscribers to both movie packages will automatically receive all seven new movie channels, as well as Showcase, World Movies and the time-shift channels. More information on the changes can be found here.

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GeoffreyE posted a comment   

well it looks like i wont have to subscribe to the movie channels anymore as there is buggerall on them now. the foxtel mag does not even tell youy how much it costs anymore. pay tv have gotten worse since foxtel took over. g evans


riverboy posted a comment   

I'm waiting for the email from Foxtel offering me two new "premium" movie channels for an extra $15 per month !!!!!!! They are just robbers


WilB posted a comment   

puck u foxtel


ceebee23 posted a comment   

No matter how Foxtel spins this ..this is a reduction in the range of movies available on Foxtel. No Warners, no Disney for a a start. Streamlining is just a euphemism for cuts to their options.

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