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Foxtel and Microsoft have announced five subscription packages for the Foxtel on Xbox 360 service set to launch in November. It will offer users of the Xbox 360 Live service access to 30 channels of Foxtel content over the internet, without paying for a Foxtel installation or set-top box.

The basic Get Started package will cost "less than" AU$20 per month, with additional channel packages adding AU$10 each per month to the subscription.

In addition to a mix of live streamed content and catch-up TV, all subscriptions include access to Foxtel's On Demand content of movies and TV series. Fees for renting On Demand programs range from AU$5.95 for new release movies down to AU$1.95 for children's TV episodes. Foxtel claims that its On Demand library is scheduled to grow to 5000 movies and TV episodes by the end of 2011.

Package Live streamed channels Catch-up TV
Get Started FOX8, MTV, Nickelodeon, Channel [V], LifeStyle You, Discovery, National Geographic Channel, TV1, SKY News, Fox Sports News and CNN, Fox8, MTV, Nickelodeon, Channel [V], LifeStyle You, Discovery, National Geographic Channel, Sky News and CNN
Entertainment MTV Hits, MTV Classic, [V] Hits, UKTV, Disney, The Comedy Channel, Discovery Turbo Max, Nat Geo Adventure, Universal Channel, BBC Knowledge, and Sci Fi UKTV, Disney, The Comedy Channel, Discovery Turbo Max, Nat Geo Adventure and BBC Knowledge
Sports Fox Sports Play, ESPN, Eurosport and Fuel TV No catch-up service¹
Showtime Showcase and Showtime Premiere Showtime Premiere, Showtime Comedy, Showtime Drama, Showtime Family, Showtime Horror and Showtime Action
The Movie Network Movie One and Movie Two Movie Extra, Movie One, Movie Greats, Starpics, FMC, and online channels Movie Comedy, Movie Action and Movie Drama

¹While there is no catch-up service per se, Fox Sports Play is an Xbox 360 unique channel that will be programmed to feature a collection of Australian sports programming including Hyundai A-League Football, Barclays Premier League Football, Rugby Union Spring Tour, KFC Twenty20 Big Bash, India vs. New Zealand Test Cricket, Live Boxing, ATP World Tour Tennis Finals and more.

Registrations for the service open in early November on Foxtel's website providing you are in a metropolitan area of Australia covered by Foxtel, and you have a subscription to the Xbox Live service as well as a broadband connection with speeds of at least 1.5MB per second.

Editor's Update: When this service was first announced in May, we were under the — incorrect as it turns out — impression that one of the benefits would be that it would make Foxtel content available in areas not currently serviced by the subscription TV provider. Today we've confirmed that to get Foxtel on Xbox 360, you must register an address that it is within the postcode boundaries currently serviced by Foxtel.

Foxtel also confirmed that the service will use up to 800MB per hour when viewing live television at the "optimum quality", while catch-up TV and video on demand streams will vary in line with the length of the content.

It seems the decision on whether this somewhat less expensive service is right for you will come down to whether you are already paying the Xbox Live subscription (AU$8/month), can't snag one of Foxtel's free installation offers, don't really want HD content, and aren't concerned about potentially blowing out your broadband plan data caps.

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Nrl fan posted a comment   

Ur kidding me I live in a state that won't televise nrl games just afl what a waste of money yove lost me foxtel!


bad brad posted a comment   

your kiiding no rugby league foxtel just puts the crap on that everyone rejects


nathlive posted a comment   

i just wan't NRL!!! foxtel in my unit and here i thought all my prayers were answered. poor form foxtel.


frillneck posted a comment   

I too wanted this just for EPL but I just checked the Fox sports play Guide on the foxtel website and it is not on this channel. Sorry foxtel why would I pay for horse racing and week old highlights of soccer. This channel sucks. Check before you buy as i would say most of the channels are severely watered down compared to their set top box plans.


Chip posted a reply   

Have you checked out EPL on demand, not fantastic but better than nothing and $79 for the season.


ShakilC posted a reply   

Hey guys you can watch Foxtel on your new Xbox free for 7 days check it out:


nahbuts posted a comment   

so I have to pay for xbox live AND Foxtel subscription? ... AND have a broadband plan?
at 800mb an hour? Sounds expensive. If it were just 20 bucks per month with no other expense, then I'm there, along with 10s of thousands of aussies...


ravemix posted a comment   

well im tempted, as the standard foxtel plans are way too expensive for me, but i have vivid wireless and really wanna watch the EPL. But will fox sports play show live EPL games and can vivid wireless handle the speeds. i dont want get stuck in a 2 year contract.


Beau posted a comment   

That is ridiculous. why would you sign up to this when you can just have it installed? I mean, you would have to have a min 1TB internet bandwidth p/m to be able to use this as well as cover usual internet access & you don't even get all the channels.

I say a waste of money after xbox live subscription, internet subscription, cost of console, etc, & it isn't HD anyway. I can't get Foxtel in my area, so I still don't have access to it. This blows.


D posted a comment   

The only problem now is that there is no way to record the shows that aren't available on Catch-up.

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