FPV Falcon GT Black (FG)

Based on the concept car at the 2011 Melbourne Motor Show, the GT Black features menacing black paint, matte black decals, blackened chrome and interior, as well as a reversing camera and leather seats, but no extra power from the 335kw/570Nm supercharged 5-litre V8.

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AndrewJ2 Facebook

"Gorgeous,brutish hunk of a thing.Majestic"

AndrewJ2 posted a review   

The Good:All of the above and any other superlatives

The Bad:It's not in my garage

Probably viewed as horribly environmentally incorrect by the greeny set .My dad's boss had a yellow '68 GT. Beautiful exhaust note with power steering-his wife nearly totalled it on the Kew Boulevard at a round about,expecting heavy steering,over compensated and pow right over the top-made a nice if tragic display. She was okay but the car was a little worse for wear. It was repaired but she never drove it again-funny about that.

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