Free Google Apps is going away

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Google has ceased offering free accounts for Google Apps and now only offers its US$50 plan.

The move appears to have grown out of a desire to further support the web service for paying customers. Paying customers get 25GB storage, 24/7 phone support and a 99.97 per cent uptime guarantee — free users used to receive 10 user accounts (and before that, 50 users), and their storage mirrored what was in Gmail.

Those who already own the free account, or are a non-profit, can continue using the free option. Everyone else is either recommended to pay for the corporate version or sign up to Gmail for personal needs.

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Im Batman posted a comment   

Okay, Google Apps in a difference sense i.e. not android apps ... and for business purposes only too.

Business that utilise the google services probably pay already to have their domain name assocaited with their google account, and to remove ads.

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