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(Untitled image © 2011 Marcus Bell. Used with permission of Marcus Bell. All rights reserved.)

One of Australia's most awarded wedding photographers, Marcus Bell, will be leading a three-day workshop in Seattle in conjunction with Creative Live. He will be giving insights on how to prepare for an important shoot, capture the emotion of a big day and create the "weddingscapes" that he is best known for.

The workshop will run from 6 February 2013, and anyone can watch the workshop as it happens through the Creative Live page. For more hands-on tuition, Bell is offering the chance for six photographers to shoot live with him during the workshop, with the chance to take part in the hands-on elements of the course and ask questions over the three-day period.

To enter, photographers need to film a short video and upload it to YouTube, then tweet the link to @creativeLIVE with the #marcusLIVE hash tag, for their chance to be a part of the workshop. Though airfares to Seattle aren't included, it's still an excellent opportunity to learn from the best in the business.

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