Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CP205

Fuji Xerox's colour laser is relatively quiet and delivers good quality prints, but not in any kind of hurry.

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User Reviews / Comments  Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CP205

  • DarrenK4


    "I came to this site because I have this printer and need to replace it. I use it in an office and it's way to slow for printing receipts. It also always plays up and you end up having to re-insta..."

  • CarolineL


    "I've found that this printer jams constantly, and when it's not jamming, it says it's out of paper when the paper tray is full!!). a frustrating and fickle piece of equipment. I could hardly agree ..."

  • Inkjetkiosk


    "Fuji Xerox has raised the benchmark for high-quality, colour printing with a range of award-winning breakthroughs in printer technology.A technically excellent and highly affordable printing device..."

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