Fujifilm FinePix X100

No one was expecting the announcement of a high-end compact camera from Fujifilm at Photokina, but the company has come out with one anyway, the X100.


Optical sensor
Lens aperture
Focal length
12.3 megapixels


Camera Type
Digital compact

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User Reviews / Comments  Fujifilm FinePix X100

  • inmate 20078536275782

    inmate 20078536275782

    "To treat this cam as a poor man's Leica "for those who can't afford a Leica" would be a grave mistake as well as opposite of the truth. The truth of the matter is, that LEICAs are overated. Just..."

  • Mick


    "Got my hands on one of these today and i have to say it is very nice. Fuji have certainly made a high quality unit with a solid metal body, smooth controls and a great layout.
    The viewfinder..."

  • Fejica


    "The Leica X1 & this X100 are compact rangefinders with cropped DSLR sensors. It would be awesome if they had them with interchangeable lenses. Kind of like the Olympus P1 but not 4:3. What would be..."

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