Fujifilm raises prices worldwide on film products

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One of the largest manufacturers of photographic film has announced a worldwide "double-digit" price hike.

(135 fuji film macro image by Andrew Hutton, CC BY-SA 2.5)

Effective from April 2013, Fujifilm has said it will implement a substantial increase for all photographic film products. Though the exact price will differ from region to region, it now looks like photographers have just a few days to stock up on film until the cost increases.

Citing the continued cost of production, Fujifilm stated that the global demand for film products is decreasing. "Fujifilm remains committed to photographic products despite its price change," the company said in a statement.

The price hike comes after the company already discontinued some film lines in 2012, including APS and Velvia stock.

While most people associate Fujifilm with just film, the company is also working on producing touchscreens using silver halide, a compound used in the production of photographic products.

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