Fujitsu debuts ultrabook duo in the new LifeBook U Series

The Japanese PC maker has launched two new Ivy Bridge machines with the LifeBook U Series.

(Credit: Fujitsu)

Of the two U-Series ultrabooks unveiled, the U772 is the higher-end model aimed at business professionals and "prosumers". It offers a strong suite of security features that includes an optional Trusted Platform Module for data encryption, an anti-glare display option for viewing content privately and Absolute Data Protection technology for remotely erasing confidential files. The Fujitsu ultrabook also comes with options for a port replicator, as well as 3.5G/UMTS (or 4G/LTE) radios.

The highlight of the U772, however, is its slim design. In fact, measuring just 15.6mm from base to cover, Fujitsu claims it is the thinnest 14-inch ultrabook in the market today. At 1.45kg, the U772 is probably one of the lighter machines in its class, too.

The UH572, on the other hand, is the more affordable half of the Fujitsu's ultrabook duo. Based on its specifications, it shares many similarities with the recently announced Sony Vaio T ultrabook (13.3-inch), from screen size to the use of a hybrid hard drive. The UH572, however, seems to feature stronger security enhancements, as well as handy tools such as the Face Sense Utility, which pauses and resumes applications when it detects the user's presence.

While no local pricing or availability has been mentioned yet, the laptops will appear in Asia by the end of this week.

With the similarly configured Sony Vaio T and HP Envy 4, priced around the same range as the UH572, it looks like the battle for consumer attention in the ultrabook space will likely heat up in the coming months.

Via CNET Asia

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