Fun find: make your MacBook the computer you need

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Wouldn't it be ace if the glowing Apple on your MacBook was actually the Batman logo?

Batman sticker decal for Apple Laptop, US$5.99
(Credit: Bar8Designs)

While there are many decals available on Etsy, many of them revolve around accentuating the glowing Apple logo. But, as much as superheroes have been used for product endorsements in the past, we just don't feel that it makes sense for our favourite Dark Knight to be showcasing someone else's product.

The decal above was doing the Twitter rounds earlier today, but we rounded up a few more that use the MacBook's glowing light in a creative fashion. Click on the image to visit the seller's page.

Batman Dark Knight decal for Macbook, US$8.99
(Credit: dinaamon)

Batman decal for Macbook Pro, Air or iPad, US$9.99
(Credit: MacDaddyDecal)

Justice League Silhouette — vinyl decal for Macbooks, iPads, Laptops and more, US$8.99
(Credit: Geekals)

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