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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Futurama calls Apple out on just about everything

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Apple may (or may not) have called the cops on Gizmodo and forced Ellen DeGeneres to apologise, but that hasn't stopped the creators of Futurama poking fun at all of Apple's shady wheelings and dealings over the last few years and the blind fanaticism the iPhone so easily generates.

This clip from a recent episode of Futurama shows the team from Planet Express rushing out to buy the eyePhone, and it has a bit of everything: a parody of Apple's advertising ID, criticism of the iPhone's battery, a sly gag about Apple's "supply shortages" and even a not-so-subtle allusion to 1984 and Apple's Mac computer ad campaign from 25 years ago. All in all, it's a pretty sound sledging.

Someone's switched the video embedding feature off on this vid, so you'll have to follow the link through to YouTube to watch it.

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lil terry posted a comment   

it will be tight if they really made some thing like that and am here at school makin asay about this something i want to envent


JonB posted a comment   

Found the episode on-line. Haven't laughed so much in years...


urlmonkey posted a comment   

Ha-ha. Love it! Not eyePhone of course


kakarik0 posted a comment   

There's also a few subtle digs at Google

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