Gabe Newell says Steam Box is a go

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The Valve king has said that they'll be selling lounge room PCs to compete with consoles in the new year.

Vavle's Big Picture is just one step in the Steam Box equation.
(Credit: Steam)

Way back in March, the internet sort of exploded when it became apparent that Valve really was working on its own gaming hardware package.

Now, Gabe Newell himself has told Kotaku that Valve will create its own hardware and software solution that is designed to compete directly with next gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Kotaku interviewed Newell at the Video Game Awards in Culver City, California, over the weekend. Newell said that the consumer response to Big Picture had been better than expected, and that the next step was to get Steam Linux into alpha and ensure that Big Picture works on the platform.

Newell expects that many manufacturers will create PCs for the lounge room, and that Valve's offering will be just one distinct option for consumers.

He also warned that a Steam Box PC might be a far more controlled and less open-source solution than people might expect:

Well, certainly, our hardware will be a very controlled environment. If you want more flexibility, you can always buy a more general purpose PC. For people who want a more turnkey solution — that's what some people are really going to want for their living room.

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MaxA1 posted a comment   

The Kotaku article doesn't confirm anything, nowhere did Gabe say that "steam box is a go". He just says that he expects living room pcs to be a thing.

IMO his comments make it sound more likely that 'steam box' is just a standard small-form pc but with steam big-picture pre-loaded.


DeclanM posted a comment   

One word, yes

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