Galaxy Note 10.1 on sale Thursday, AU$589

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Samsung will have Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets in stores on Thursday, with the price of the 16GB Wi-Fi-only SKU priced at AU$589 RRP.

A render of the new Galaxy Note 10.1.
(Credit: Samsung)

The tablet will be available through JB Hi-Fi and the new Samsung Experience store in Sydney from 8am AEST on 23 August. A 32GB version and models with 3G data connectivity will follow shortly, according to a Samsung spokesperson.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 is the latest Android-powered tablet from Samsung, and it incorporates several applications that are compatible with the company's S Pen capacitive stylus accessory. The tablet is capable of converting handwriting to digital text, and can solve mathematical formulas translated from handwriting. There is also a new multitasking mode, which lets users display two applications on-screen simultaneously.

The new Samsung Experience store on George Street in Sydney also opens its doors at 8am AEST on 23 August. Located at the front of Myer, the store showcases all of Samsung's phones and tablets, plus a selection of TVs, A/V equipment, cameras and notebooks.

Inside the new Samsung Experience store in Sydney.
(Credit: Seamus Byrne/CNET)

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PeteG. posted a comment   

I'm really torn between this and the asus infinity pad .. I don't understand why the standard res screen on the note .. hmm do I need high res on a tablet .. thats the next question I guess. :/


JohnL6 posted a reply   

This is exactly the same issue I am having. I can't decide between the note with the stylus or the t700 with the better screen and keyboard!
It's hard when there is nowhere to look try a note 10.1 at the moment. (I live in Melbourne so can't get to the samsung sydney store). JB


Chandler posted a comment   

Have to say I called it first (in my house at least) - the missus is looking at getting a Galaxy Note 10.1, and I said "I bet they'll launch it with their new Sydney store"... and whadduya know ;)

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