Galaxy S Australian pricing, ebook offer

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Arguably Samsung's hottest smartphone at the moment is coming to Australia and Samsung is bringing some friends to the party.

You've probably read the hardware specs for the Galaxy S a dozen times already — the 1GHz processor, 16GB storage and 4-inch Super AMOLED screen — but during the phone's launch yesterday Samsung also outlined a few features of the phone not often detailed in spec sheets.

Samsung also announced a four-week exclusive with Optus which will range the Galaxy S on its Social Cap plans. The handset will be AU$0 upfront on a AU$59 per month Social Cap, which includes unmetered access to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, plus 1GB of data for web browsing and applications downloads outside of those social network sites. Click through for the Galaxy S ebook offer.

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PADAWAN posted a comment   

This phone is the best ever. Have been using for a while now. Keeps me in touch with my social contacts via social hub. Download apps via android market, wireless access point gives me access to the net on my PC even when travelling and SWYPE is the absolute bomb! It is far too addictive but fun. I highly recommend this handset. Best Samsung ever......


james posted a comment   

this phone looks sick!, can't wait to try it out in a optus store.


DiscoStu posted a comment   

"Typical brain washed iphone tool."

Sorry was that directed at me? If you had half a brain you'd realise that I actually made no opinion of the iPhone at all.


Philbio posted a comment   

Typical brain washed iphone tool. Lockeddown useless paperweights why cant you people see this the y have done an excellent jobs on you !


DiscoStu posted a comment   

Well no points for design from me - "lets take the iphone, add a few buttons and write Samsung on it"


SamuelL posted a reply   

But it's Android! Definately not Apple iOS.

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