Gameloft adds voice chat to iOS NOVA 3

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Gameloft has just released a major update to its space shooter title NOVA 3 on iOS, adding a new voice chat feature in multiplayer, and other new multiplayer features.

With the latest update, live voice chat is now available for players on iPhones and iPads, and from the demo video posted to YouTube, it looks like it could be a handy new addition for players in multiplayer maps. There is also a new multiplayer mode called InstaGib; a team death match mode with one-shot kills and all players locked to the same weapon.

Finally, Gameloft has added a new map to the mix, with a focus on jet pack movement. Called Warehouse, the new map sees players tracking each other down over multiple storeys, using jetpacks to move vertically.

The update is available now via iTunes, or you can check out the new features in the video above. Be warned, the acting is brain-meltingly bad.

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