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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Gameloft issues My Little Pony 'fix'

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Gameloft has responded to complaints of gouging in its mobile My Little Pony game.

When My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic hit the iTunes and Google Play stores, fans rejoiced — until realising that playing the game was going to cost money. Lots and lots of money.

After CNET Australia posted a story on the subject, Gameloft got in touch with us to find out what the problem was — and we told them that never had we seen a freemium game ask for so much money for so little, or require money spent in order to finish the game.

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Now, the mobile developer has responded to the fans who felt exploited by the 500-gem (AU$50) cost of Rainbow Dash — by lowering her price to 90 gems.

This was the only reduction. Any other price reductions, Gameloft told CNET Australia, would be in gem sales from time to time. Usually, a pack of 500 gems costs AU$51.99.

Other costs incurred in the game's storyline are still in place:

  • Sweetie Belle: 75 gems

  • Rarity: 90 gems

  • Rainbow Dash: 90 gems

  • Fancypants: 100 gems

  • Prince Shining Armor: 650 gems

  • Princess Cadance: 650 gems

  • Clock Tower: 350 gems

  • Town Hall: 600 gems

The total? 2555 gems.

The way the game currently operates, you can earn three gems every five days if you play every day, which equates 219 gems a year. Every three or four levels, you are given a gem as a reward; but the level cap is 60, so we estimate that a maximum of 20 gems is available there. Gems are supposed to be found randomly in the game as well, but in weeks of playing, we have not found a single one.

In other words, unless you want to be playing this game every day for over 10 years, there is absolutely no way you will be able to finish it without spending money.

We don't think Gameloft really understood what we found wrong with its model.

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JuliaL1 posted a comment   

If Gameloft would make it worth giving them money, it would a bit different. As it is, on anything not iOS, there's a serious issue with adding friends, something the game encourages greatly. If you don't have friends, you have to pay gems in order to to skip missions. The game was poorly ported to android and they still expect me to reward them with money for next fixing major issues that hinder my experience. No thank you. And paying large sums of money for ponies that all I do with them is the same two things over and over and over and over again is not incentive to spend money.
This game is not "freemium" by any means. It's a poorly veiled attempt at screwing people out of money off a popular franchise. There's nothing wrong with a company wanting to be paid for their work, in fact it's wrong to think they shouldn't be, but you have to do something that makes your players WANT to give you money. As the game stands, it does little more than makes people want to delete it for my HD space.


SimonL4 posted a comment   

This just goes to show how retarded the Gameloft company is.
Even with the hacks, I don't feel like keep playing to find out what the ending is anymore.


ManD posted a comment   

i don't think the main idea of gameloft was "let's make a game for those guys so they can finaly play an official game and stuff" i think the main idea was "ok boys we have a bunch of dumbass liking pony stuff lol! they seem stupid enough to pay a lot of money for their **** so let's exploit this to make a tone of cash"


JosephB4 posted a comment   

When I say optional IAP purchase, I mean just that, like a hat to put on your character that serves more as a donation plan than actual game content. I hate IAP that give an advantage in the game more than anything else.


AndrewB9 posted a comment   

I honestly would have had little issue tossing a few dollars at the game if the prices were fair. I mean, you have to pay the people who made it right? But if you actually buy all the gams you need to beat the game, thats equaling over 150 dollars!

I'm sorry, but no game is worth that price! I'm just glad so many of the fandom is smart enough to realize that. I mean, enjoying pony stuff is one thing, but noone should be forced to pay that much for a game that would probably only be worth ten bucks at most if compaired to other iPod games of similar quality.


DavidB18 posted a comment   

And since the game isn't transferable to another ipod device, a player would have to keep using the same ipod/phone/pad for 10 years, well after games stop working on them!


AlexH3 posted a comment   

Considering the Brony fandom, I would've thought that Gameloft would successfully suck the money out of the older fans like the BronyCon documentary and those body pillows, dakimakura or whatever they're called.


LukeR3 posted a comment   

This is why I deleted the game weeks ago. I didn't pay Gameloft a single cent and I honestly think they got what the game was worth.

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