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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Gamer poetry from a 12-year-old Felicia Day

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Little 12-year-old Felicia Day was demonstrating at an early age her passion for all things geeky.

We all know those boxes. The ones our mums keep in storage, detailing the cringe-inducing embarrassment of our teen obsessions.

Everyone has them. Even Felicia Day. And Felicia Day's has uncovered the deep, dark roots of the geek superstar she is today — in the form of an ode to Ultima Online's Isle of the Avatar.

Ms Day is a little embarrassed about her preteen self's grandiloquence — but we have to say, we've seen a lot less from far older. And to those for whom such things are important, it certainly gives her a motza of geek cred.

We don't really care about that. We just think Felicia Day is dreamy.

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