Game accessory buyers' guides

  • Best gaming headsets

    Best gaming headsets

    If you're serious about the games you play, then gaming headphones are a must-have gadget for gamers, and not just because they allow your loved ones to sleep during your late-night frag fests. 3

  • Best gaming mice

    Best gaming mice

    From macros to on-the-fly DPI to storing configurations on the device itself, the mouse is arguably the most important tool in a PC gamer's arsenal. Here we have a list of our favourite gaming mice. 17

  • Last-minute gadget gifts

    Last-minute gadget gifts

    Holy flaming expletives, it's the night before Christmas and you've forgotten a gift (or two or three). We've got more than a few suggestions for you...

  • Best racing games

    Best racing games

    We've rounded up the best racing games and there is something for everyone regardless of whether you're into realistic driving simulators, arcade racers, karting fun replete with power-ups or something a little bit different. 6

  • Best PlayStation Move games

    Best PlayStation Move games

    It's a little difficult to choose the "best" from a quite frankly average list of titles. However, if you've invested in a PlayStation Move, here's the pick of the lot... so far. 5

  • Xbox 360 Kinect vs. PlayStation Move vs. Nintendo Wii Remote Plus

    Xbox 360 Kinect vs. PlayStation Move vs. Nintendo Wii Remote Plus

    The Wii set the pace, but now with the Move and Kinect in stores we ask the question: which motion controlled gaming system is best? 15

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