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  • Razer Lachesis (5600dpi)

    Razer Lachesis (5600dpi)

    CNET Rating9.0
    User Rating8.0

    If you need an ambi mouse, the Lachesis should be on your list of rodents to check out. 2

  • SteelSeries Xai Laser

    SteelSeries Xai Laser

    CNET Rating9.0

    The Xai is an excellent product that proves a mouse doesn't need to be custom-moulded to the right hand to be good for gaming. Throw in the detailed control panel and excellent performance, and you have a mouse that's well worth parting your hard-earned cash on.

  • SteelSeries 9HD mouse mat

    SteelSeries 9HD mouse mat

    CNET Rating9.0

    The 9HD is an excellent product that deserves a place on any gamer's desk. Those who haven't used a mouse mat for years may shirk at the cost, but for the rest of us, this should help step up your game.

  • Cambridge Audio DacMagic

    Cambridge Audio DacMagic

    CNET Rating8.3
    User Rating8.7

    The Cambridge Audio DacMagic is an excellent musical upgrade for CD players and DVD players alike, and could improve your PC sound as well. 7

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