• Sony PlayStation 3 Slim

    Sony PlayStation 3 Slim

    CNET Rating8.7
    User Rating9.6

    With a smaller design, more energy-efficient operation, lower price tag and built-in Blu-ray and multimedia capabilities, the PS3 Slim delivers a compelling package at a more affordable price. 54

  • Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller

    Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller

    CNET Rating6.5
    User Rating9.3

    Despite looking great, a few annoyances and a massive price makes the Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller difficult to recommend to anybody. 5

  • Cambridge Audio DacMagic

    Cambridge Audio DacMagic

    CNET Rating8.3
    User Rating8.7

    The Cambridge Audio DacMagic is an excellent musical upgrade for CD players and DVD players alike, and could improve your PC sound as well. 7

  • Plantronics GameCom 777

    Plantronics GameCom 777

    CNET Rating8.0
    User Rating8.6

    We like the the GameCom 777 — for its price, it's an excellent bit of kit with good sound quality and a booming rumble on the bass end. 13

  • Logitech G19

    Logitech G19

    CNET Rating7.3
    User Rating8.8

    Logitech's G19 Gaming Keyboard boasts a built-in colour LCD with exciting capabilities, as well as lots of little improvements over previous models. But with few apps — thus far — that take advantage of the screen in a meaningful way, the G19's potential remains largely untapped. 9

  • Microsoft SideWinder X8

    Microsoft SideWinder X8

    CNET Rating7.9
    User Rating9.0

    Microsoft's SideWinder X8 is a marked improvement to the series, but there's more work to do yet, especially when it comes to the shape. 10

  • Nintendo DSi

    Nintendo DSi

    CNET Rating8.8
    User Rating8.7

    While it may not be worth upgrading from a DS Lite, the DSi is a great little machine in its own unique ways. 53

  • Sony PSP-3000

    Sony PSP-3000

    CNET Rating8.0
    User Rating8.0

    With its impressive game library, lower price and expanded feature set, it's certainly a much better deal than the original PSP — and it's even better than the PSP 2000. While its media and online functions won't necessarily replace a dedicated AV device or laptop, it will be good for most portable gaming and multimedia needs. 12

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