Games reviews

  • Halo: Reach

    Halo: Reach

    CNET Rating9.5
    User Rating10.0

    Halo: Reach is the culmination of the superlative combat, sensational multiplayer and seamless online integration that are the hallmarks of this superb series. 2

  • Metroid: Other M

    Metroid: Other M

    CNET Rating8.0

    Other M is a strong departure from previous Metroid games, with fantastic combat and exciting bosses that make this another great entry in the series. 1

  • Professor Layton and the Lost Future

    Professor Layton and the Lost Future

    CNET Rating8.5
    User Rating9.0

    Superbly integrated puzzles and a captivating tale make Professor Layton's latest assignment worthy of your affection. 1

  • FIFA Soccer 11

    FIFA Soccer 11

    CNET Rating9.0
    User Rating9.0

    FIFA 11 is more playable, refined and feature-packed than any FIFA game before it. 5

  • The UnderGarden

    The UnderGarden

    CNET Rating7.6

    Eye-catching visuals, a dynamic score, and a variety of puzzles make it easy to lose yourself in this magical world.

  • NBA 2K11

    NBA 2K11

    CNET Rating8.0
    User Rating9.0

    Authentic presentation and a number of gameplay improvements make this the most realistic NBA game yet. 1

  • My Fitness Coach: Dance Workout

    My Fitness Coach: Dance Workout

    CNET Rating8.5
    User Rating6.3

    My Fitness Coach delivers a strong workout package — as long as you can dance. 3

  • Club Penguin Game Day!

    Club Penguin Game Day!

    CNET Rating7.8

    A mini-game collection on the Wii? Whatever will they think of next? Luckily, Club Penguin Game Day! is one of the good ones.

  • The Last Airbender

    The Last Airbender

    CNET Rating4.7
    User Rating1.0

    M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender is yet another in a long line of tepid action movie tie-ins. Unless you're fanatical to the point of obsession about the story, don't bother. 5

  • Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

    Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

    CNET Rating7.5

    New features aren't much more than reverb on this familiar riff, but Guitar Hero still rocks.

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