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  • Best strategy games

    Best strategy games

    Are you a general in training? Someone who prefers to direct the battle, even if you sometimes zoom in for the final kill? Sounds like you're a strategy player. Launch your own epic conflict with these top strategy games. 9

  • Best action games

    Best action games

    If you're the kind of gamer that lives for an adrenaline rush, these action games should be on your "Must Play" list. 8

  • Games we played: Editors' Choice 2004

    Games we played: Editors' Choice 2004

    Can you remember what your favourite games were five years ago? Here are the ones that most impressed the CNET crew. 2

  • Best portable games

    Best portable games

    With the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable you can take your games with you, so we've taken a look at the best of the bunch for games on the go.

  • Best online games

    Best online games

    Video games are fun and regardless of whether you're into first-person-shooters, puzzle games or action adventure, adding online play so you can enjoy it with friends and strangers alike only sweetens the deal. Here's our take of the best titles to play online. 4

  • Last-minute quirky gadget gifts

    Last-minute quirky gadget gifts

    We're getting down to the wire as far as Christmas gifts are concerned, but here are some last-minute options if you'd like to spoil a tech head. 2

  • Best simulation games

    Best simulation games

    From highly detailed flight and military simulators, to the glorious micro-management of little digital lives, the simulation genre covers a wide field. A genre previously confined to the PC, simulations have been increasing in complexity on the various consoles now, leading to a wider audience. Here's some of the best on offer. 5

  • Tech toys for speed junkies

    Tech toys for speed junkies

    Not everyone can go touring in a Bugatti or racing in a Ferrari. But that's half the allure — you want it but you can't have it. Well, that's not entirely true.

  • Best PlayStation 2 games

    Best PlayStation 2 games

    Sony's PlayStation 2 is far from dead -- it's still alive and kicking. If you have Sony's now classic console, then these are some of the must-have games you need to have in your collection. 2

  • Father's Day Gift Guide

    Sure, you can always go the tie or cologne route (again), but if you want to really put a smile on Dad's dial, make sure the present he unwraps has tech inside.

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