• Zubo (DS)

    Zubo (DS)

    CNET Rating7.0

    If you love Pokemon but you want a change of scene, Zubo is an excellent alternative.

  • Beaterator (PSP)

    Beaterator (PSP)

    CNET Rating8.5
    User Rating8.0

    Beaterator is a music-sequencer for the PSP. It combines hundreds of loops and an unexpected level of depth to give you a full music creation experience. 1

  • Bindi Presents Big Ocean Adventures

    Bindi Presents Big Ocean Adventures

    User Rating10.0

    Mini-wildlife warriors can join Bindi Irwin on her submarine to explore eight different marine ecosystems from the Arctic to the Bahamas. 3

  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

    Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

    CNET Rating6.5
    User Rating10.0

    Even with tens of hours of new content and welcome improvements over its predecessor, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has yet to hunt down a few critical annoyances. 6

  • Sony PSP-3000

    Sony PSP-3000

    CNET Rating8.0
    User Rating8.0

    With its impressive game library, lower price and expanded feature set, it's certainly a much better deal than the original PSP — and it's even better than the PSP 2000. While its media and online functions won't necessarily replace a dedicated AV device or laptop, it will be good for most portable gaming and multimedia needs. 12

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