Nintendo Wii game buyers' guides

  • Best games for animal lovers

    Best games for animal lovers

    It may be that you have an allergy. Or perhaps a landlord that won't allow pets. Maybe it's just that you can't afford the ongoing costs of a pet, or move around too much. You could even have a dozen pets, but you love them so much that you want to animal while you animal. Whatever your scenario, these are the games for you.

  • Good and evil: the best and worst of superhero games

    Good and evil: the best and worst of superhero games

    One of the big draws of superheroes is that anyone who loves them wants to be one, and has passed more than one idle moment considering which would be the best power to have or what it would be like to fly up, up and away.

  • Best racing games

    Best racing games

    We've rounded up the best racing games and there is something for everyone regardless of whether you're into realistic driving simulators, arcade racers, karting fun replete with power-ups or something a little bit different. 6

  • Best games for kids

    Best games for kids

    Games for the younger members of the household can all start to look the same after a while, but of course some are better than others. 2

  • Best fitness games

    Best fitness games

    If you want to hire your game console as your new personal trainer, here are some of the best fitness titles to pick from. 1

  • Best sports games

    Best sports games

    Most of us aren't born with the ball-thwacking ability of Tiger Woods, the wheel twirling skills of Michael Schumacher or the heading ability of Tim Cahill.

  • Best Wii games

    Best Wii games

    You've got to hand it to Nintendo. The company keeps pumping out Wii titles that break new ground and expand the gaming experience. So which games should you buy for this family-friendly console? 54

  • Great games for the musically minded

    Great games for the musically minded

    It doesn't matter whether you've classically trained at the Conservatorium or only sing in the shower, these games will bring out your inner songbird. 1

  • Best televisions for gaming

    Best televisions for gaming

    So you've bought yourself a spanking new PlayStation 3 and you're thinking about buying a flatscreen, but what should you choose? 16

  • Best online games

    Best online games

    Video games are fun and regardless of whether you're into first-person-shooters, puzzle games or action adventure, adding online play so you can enjoy it with friends and strangers alike only sweetens the deal. Here's our take of the best titles to play online. 4

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