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The Kickstarter-funded Android console is cheaper and smaller, but also less powerful than the Ouya.

Mark 1 prototype model: stick and controller.
(Credit: GameStick)

Last year was certainly the year of the Kickstarter, but it looks like 2013 might have the same crowd-sourced attitude to project funding. Case in point: the GameStick, a tiny Android gaming "console" that is asking for US$100,000 to ship by April — it hit that limit in under two days.

The GameStick is most obviously competing against the Ouya with it's cheaper (US$79) price and far smaller form factor. The GameStick will run Jelly Bean, have 1GB of RAM and an Amlogic 8726-MX processor, and use a cloud storage system for the games themselves.

According to the GameStick Kickstarter page, the developers have identified 200 games that "will be great to play on GameStick", but they are also "working with [a] network of over 250 developers, including great studios such as Madfinger, Hutch, Disney and others, to bring you the best line-up".

There are still 28 days to go on the GameStick Kickstarter if you find your interest piqued.

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