Gaming monitors with true 3D images

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3D is making a comeback at CES this year, with Samsung's plasma and now a couple of PC monitors. Zalman is a name known by PC enthusiasts for its cooling products and cases, but the company is now branching out into peripherals -- including two new 3D monitors.

If you've been to a 3D movie in the last few years you'll know that the old-school red and blue glasses are a thing of the past, and you only need a pair of specially-designed, clear glasses.

Zalman applies this technology to its Trimon monitors -- the 22-inch ZM-M220W and the 19-inch ZM-M190 -- and gives a convincing 3D effect.

At this point only NVIDIA graphics cards -- GeForce 6, 7 and 8 -- support the effect, and games support appears limited.

The system also supports 3D video that has been filmed with a stereoscopic camera (some IMAX films), and Zalman provides a software player in the package.

Zalman supplies two sets of glasses with each monitor and they can clip on top of spectacles. Of course, the monitors function as normal LCD displays and feature onboard speakers and the 22 inch also has a swiveling screen for easier adjustment.

The ZM-M190 will retail for US$550 and the ZM-M220W for US$700, and Zalman told us that the monitors should be available in the next month in Australia with pricing to be confirmed.

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kic posted a comment   

this whould be mad on the xbox or ps3....and if u didnt use the glases the image was normal


Bluesage posted a comment   

Why doesn't someone take 3D to a new level ? . It could be enormously popular with a proper combined effort from the required companies.

This sort of half arsed approach is not going to attract support or significant numbers of buyers

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