GarageBand headed to iPad

Among all the exciting news at the iPad 2 event today, Apple announced that GarageBand will be coming to the iPad.

Already a part of the Mac's iLife suite, GarageBand lets you make music using pre-recorded clips as well as your own real-time recordings to lay down multiple track songs.

At the event, the director of music marketing for Apple, Xander Soren, gave a rundown of the main features for GarageBand on the iPad. It offers Touch Instruments, guitar amps and effects, 8-track recording and mixing, more than 250 loops to play with, and you can export an AAC file of your project through email.

Soren demonstrated flipping through instruments reminding us of the CoverFlow interface feature in iTunes. Once he selected a Piano, the keys filled the screen and Soren showed how the app uses note dynamics; using accelerometer technology, GarageBand is able to produce touch sensitive sounds that detect the velocity of your finger as you play.

Soren then switched instruments noting that each instrument has its own visual identity. Some instruments have unique touchscreen interfaces such as the Guitar, which gives you a strumming interface. You can even have GarageBand play through a chord progression where you pick the notes it will play. Soren referred to these handy interface tricks as "training wheels" for beginning musicians.

Just like the Mac version of GarageBand, you'll also be able to record your own tracks straight into the iPad and then combine them with loops, other instruments, or whatever you want. You get a total of 8 tracks to play with, and the layout is very similar to the Mac version.

Steve Jobs then came back on stage to say that GarageBand will be available at the iTunes App Store on March 11 for US$4.99.


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Jason posted a comment   

Buying an iPad just for Garageband. Game changer.

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