Garmin Nuvi 3760

Thin, light and clad in metal and glass, the Nuvi 3760 is the first portable nav device that's tugged on our heart as well as our mind. If you can, make the financial stretch to the 3790T as that model offers a brilliant voice recognition system.

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User Reviews / Comments  Garmin Nuvi 3760

  • Citfancier



    "Great design.
    The maps supplied by Telstra / Sensis should be called - Senseless with GPS standing for Generally Pretty Stupid.
    Most annoying mapping inaccuracies experienced so far w..."

  • BigG


    "Whilst a smart looker, this device lacks a decent brain. In NZ it gets lost on roads that have been there for 30 years or more, and fails to find streets that are 3-5 years old - eg try to find Pe..."

  • richard



    "I bought one of these after having a good experience with an older NUVI.
    This one looks great but performs rubbish. The maps are out of date already and I can buy another sat nav for less t..."

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