Gateway relaunches in Australia

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The long-absent PC brand Gateway has been re-launched in Australia, attempting to target the fashion-conscious consumer.

Acer, who acquired Gateway in 2007, has positioned the cow-patterned brand at the style-conscious, realigning the Acer brand for the tech-savvy, while its Emachines division will be targeted at the "budget-oriented" user. There are no plans to bring the Packard Bell brand into Australia.

Unlike in the past, Gateway machines will be found in retail stores rather than a direct sales model, with Harvey Norman listed as the major launch partner.

Launch models have been split into five target markets: the netbook LT series, the mid-weight NV series, the CULV based EC series, the premium ID series and the P series FX (the gamer focused laptop), and will be in-store 14 August.

Gateway expects to launch desktop models in sync with the Windows 7 launch on 22 October.

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adrian c k ooi posted a comment   

i just bought this piece, gateway, from eric ho, completely impressed! no reason why not? visit me at dated 9feb2011 luna yr of bunny!


gtw doubter posted a comment   

where is ted waitte today?


johnc posted a comment   

i have purchased a gateway notebook
Model MS2273 with Vista Home Premium.
I was told that we can get Win 7 and a $99 rebate. How and where please?


zoo_guy posted a comment   

i have owned a gateway before and had no problems, i liked the companys image in the early days but if this is just a rebadged acer then i fail to see how this will be anything but another line of computers with a supposedly new look .. if i want looking good computers i'll buy apple ..


Adski posted a comment   

It's Acer, they aren't going to run away anytime soon. And anyway being the first computer i've ever had the pleasure of using and seeing the value of their overseas products i'm overjoyed to see them coming back to Australia in a different way than I would have expected.


dean posted a comment   

Agreed what a joke this company is if they think they will get any business in australia again after their last effort they are kidding themselves.


darch posted a comment   

As a past customer who was 'burnt' when Gateway bailed out of Australia leaving me with support issues and unsaleable hardware - why would I trust them again?

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