Geode is the digital wallet that replaces all your cards

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A new digital wallet seeks to replace the collection of bank cards kept in your wallet — as well as any loyalty cards — with a combination of technologies.

(Credit: iCache)

The package consists of a GeoCard, an app and an iPhone case. The card lives in the case and, when you want to use one of your bank cards, you select the relevant card from within the app — which then turns the GeoCard into the bank card in question. It's not a normal card: tucked away inside is a tiny battery and some electronics, but, according to iCache, it will work with all current point-of-sale card readers.

On the case is also an E Ink screen for store loyalty cards; when you have selected your card, the screen will display the relevant barcode — E Ink is also a much better medium to be picked up by infrared scanners.

If it sounds all a bit not-quite-secure, iCache has addressed that, too: the bottom of the case has a biometric fingerprint scanner. Neither the GeoCard nor the E Ink display will activate without an authorised fingerprint — so, iCache claims, it's actually much more secure than a regular credit card. Additionally, cards automatically erase after a set period of time.

It raises a lot of questions: what happens when the card's battery runs down? If you have a cut on your finger, will your fingerprint still scan? What do you do with your small change? Nevertheless, it's an intriguing piece of equipment.

Shipping in July, Geode is only available to US residents at this point in time, for a cool US$199. We've contacted iCache for details on local release and will update this story when we get more information.

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AlexandrosK posted a comment   

I like this concept. This should eventually help with securing credit cards. As the US market has been behind the times in chip equipped Credit/Debit cards.

I wonder if there will be plans to incorporate Tap


Pining posted a comment   

As to the fingerprint issue raised, my computer has fingerprint technology. You can save all 10 if you want. If you've lost all 10, then you have bigger issues to worry about than your credit card not working!


MarkayleD posted a comment   

I want to get one, but I'll wait for the iPhone 5, I'm sure the dimensions will be different for the cases. This will be great I currently carry 16 different cards in my wallet, and to reduce that to only a few or maybe even only one card will be very helpful.


ZachB posted a comment   
United States

This is really cool, but it needs to be for Android instead of iPhone.


KevinD3 posted a reply   

I beg to differ, it needs to be iPhone AND Android. Don't start a flame war.


Michelle Starr posted a reply   

And it's even on the way for Android, so everyone will be happy!

... Except for BlackBerry, Ovi and WP users, but shhh.

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