German TV maker Loewe denies takeover by Apple, shares surge

An unconfirmed report about a proposed acquisition by Apple that was ultimately dismissed by management wasn't enough to turn shareholders off German TV maker Loewe.

The company's shares are up 22 per cent to €5.55, following rumours that it would be acquired by Apple as early as this week. AppleInsider reported on Saturday that it had received a report from a source, claiming that Apple had offered a buyout deal for a slight premium on the company's stock price, and that Loewe had "been advised" to take the offer, as reported by Reuters.

AppleInsider has been unable to confirm the claim, and said only that the news is being shared "in the interest of discussion". Loewe followed that up with a statement to German website Heise (translation), saying that there is "absolutely nothing to" the rumour.

Considering Apple's penchant for secrecy, and its decisions in the past to keep acquisitions out of the spotlight, shareholders are seemingly not too sure that they can trust the company's comments on the matter.

For its part, Apple hasn't commented publicly on any plans to acquire an HDTV maker, let alone Loewe. In fact, the company hasn't even said whether it will build a television, despite countless rumours saying that it will.

Just last week, Foxconn chief Terry Gou said in a news conference, according to China Daily, that his company is currently preparing its facilities for an Apple television, but "development or manufacturing has yet to begin".


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