Gesture-based control for Lightroom and Final Cut Pro X

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Control Lightroom and Final Cut Pro X directly from a track pad with The Touch.

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When editing a batch of images, it's easy to get caught up in a myriad of sliders and tools in Lightroom. A program called The Touch wants to bring the control back to your fingers, so you can concentrate on the image at hand.

Using gesture-based controls on a track pad, Magic Touchpad or iPad, users can access a range of different tools with specific movements. For example, slide one finger to flick through photos in the Library module, and tap twice to open the selected image in the Develop module. Retouching options for the clarity and vibrance slider are also accessible using similar gesture controls.

The Touch is also compatible with Final Cut Pro X, letting you navigate from one edge of the timeline to another, between different markers or even along pucks on the colour board.

A similar gesture control system sprung up on Kickstarter last year, called Ctrl+Console. It was only available as an iPad app, and is still in development.

The Touch is available for Mac users as a free download with a limit of 300 gestures in trial mode, or the full version is €19.95.

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