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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Get a clear look at the upcoming BlackBerry L-Series touchscreen

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Smartphone "leaks" tend to be shot quickly and by people with absolutely no photography prowess. But not so with the latest shots of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 touchscreen handset.

Shot by the folks at, the photos are the best look you will get of the handset before it is officially announced by Research In Motion (RIM) on 30 January. The gallery has about 15 shots in it and shows the phone in all its glory, revealing a detachable battery cover with what looks like a wireless charging pad underneath it. There is a micro-HDMI port on the phone, too, which is a feature we expect to see less frequently in 2013.

The handset in these photos certainly looks like the slick business phone RIM needs to pull out of the bag next year. We do like the textured backplate, too.

For the full gallery of pictures, head over to


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SusanA1 posted a comment   

What is wrong with a micr-HDMI port?

And the only reason it might look a bit like the iPhone 5 is because Apple changed the aspect ratio from what it used to be.


somedude. posted a comment   

The phone look awesome, hopefully apple isn't a b**** and sue them for the round corners since they have that stupid patent.

Can't wait to try BB10 OS


KeeganSmith47 posted a comment   

From the looks of it, Blackberry has a rather attractive handset - Apple is bound to sue


Chandler posted a reply   

In Apple's defence, it does look VERY much like an iPhone in my opinion...

However, I would not confuse it with an iPhone, which I feel is where the issue with Apple's suits lies: just because something is a similar size/shape, does not mean a user will confuse them.

I mean, I would never confuse an Apple product with a (insert manufacturer's name here) product for two reasons. 1. I know how to read the manufacturer's name on the case. 2. I generally wouldn't be looking at an Apple product in the first place (for several reasons).


expatseek posted a reply   

What matters is how different jurisdictions assess the patent issues being played out, and that isn't necessarily reflective of the simple issue of would you confuse them by looking at them. It is a shame to see these tech wars played out in courtrooms rather than consumers' living rooms. Further complicating this is that design has always been, by its nature, something that osmosis and takes influence from other things.... not simple to protect or to deliberately violate.


grissom posted a reply   

I think the bottom of the phone my look iPhone-ish, but then again, Apple needs to stop taking people to court, and start producing viable new products...not an LTE device and call it all new, when in fact it's not new. With Jony I at the helm I'm excited to see the new UI. RIM has brought the heat....I can't wait till BB10 is available for my Playbook, yes I said Playbook! Remember that? It's gonna be awesome to see them gain their value back. Got a 64gb for $199 new at Office Depot, and I expect them to hit at least the $400 mark again(64gb).

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