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Is your email inbox completely out of control, with sorting things out seeming like a bigger ask than an Everest expedition? Here's a way to nuke your way back to a clean slate, then slowly tidy up the old damage.

Create a demilitarised zone folder, or DMZ, where you move all the contents of your inbox, right now.

From here, you can manage new emails each day and work to stay on top of everything new, like you know you should. You can also set yourself a daily routine to sort out 20, 50 or 100 of the DMZ messages, to whittle away at the older problems.

By splitting the old problem inbox from a clean slate inbox, you can let your brain start again from square one.

Just try not to get to a point where you need a DMZ Version 2.

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grumpi posted a comment   

I prefer the idea of emailing all your contacts and declaring email bankruptcy.

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