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Apple varieties include the Pink Lady

Apple's iPod-plus-Mac education rebate is back for another school year, and coupled-up Cupertino lovers take note: there's a new pink Nano in time for Valentine's Day.

Students heading back for another year of academic rigour will receive a AU$199 rebate when they purchase an item from the Mac family together with an iPod. Qualifying Mac products are the MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops as well as iMac and Mac Pro desktop machines. Any iPod except the Shuffle counts toward the deal.

OK, so it's not quite the half-your-money-back bonanza the Labor party has dangled in front of laptop-buying students. But when you're subsisting on two-minute noodles as an undergrad, bonus money is never a bad thing. Visit Apple's Web site for details.

If you're contemplating getting in on the deal, one of your iPod buying options is the newly-released pink 8GB Nano, which has been timed to coincide with Valentine's Day. (Because nothing says lurve like a candy-pink metal chassis.) Those especially keen to express their affections via consumer electronics can take advantage of the online Apple store's free engraving service to inscribe a few meaningful words on the player. "You are the Apple of my eye" perhaps?

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canberra_photographer posted a comment   

Well I feel like a sucker, I order $8000 worth of Macs,a Macbook Pro and Macbook, no free iPod for me :(

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