Get up!

Get up, eat, catch a bus, go to work, grab a coffee, eat, work, sleep. The day's over! Slightly resemble your hectic lifestyle? For me, this was my whirlwind week ahead of me. Efficiency was important, to get everything done. Monday's is my payday, so I got onto the Mac, loaded up Excel, added all the relevant information. Print. All smooth so far. Now for my weekly report; clients who showed up, clients that didn't, debits to collect, etc. Printing these took under two minutes for around 30 pages, which is pretty fast.

With winter coming up, this becomes the slower part of the year for my business. Now was the time to get some strategies into gear to combat that! I designed a business card letterbox drop. HP has a great site ( for all of your business templates, business cards, pretty much all the creative material you would need to promote yourself, and are best of all free (though some do require payment). And they all work great in conjunction with the Officejet Pro 8600 Plus, though you will also need Microsoft Office installed. All their layouts are easy to edit to your liking. From start to finish, I was done in 30 minutes.

Business card template
(Credit: Radek Jonak)

Little bit of tweaking.

Business Card (Credit: Radek Jonak)

Remotely using the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus has been a pleasure from day one. Over three weeks of using it wirelessly, printing emails from my phone, exercise cards for clients from the Mac and the odd news report on the apps option, and the games and activities for the kids have saved me numerous times by keeping kids occupied while their parents exercise. Glad to say no hiccups to report — OK, there was one time, but that was my mistake; I accidentally unplugged the printer from the powerpoint! Why is it that's always the last thing you think could be the problem? Excluding the human error, Officejet Pro 8600 can tackle anything I throw at it.

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