Getting pictures off your camera phone

The least labour-intensive way to rescue your pictures from being trapped on your phone is to send them to an e-mail address in a multimedia message. But as you know, Bret, this costs money, so you'll be pleased to hear there are alternatives.

If your phone accepts a memory card, you can save your pictures to the card, then use the card to transfer the images. Most mobile phones use smaller memory cards in either the Mini SD or the TransFlash format, so if you don't have an adapter, the cards won't fit in most readers.

If you don't have a memory card slot, you can use Bluetooth or an infrared port to send shots to another capable device. Still another method is to use a USB cable that connects your mobile phone with your computer. Not all phones have USB capability, so check to see if yours does. Also, USB transfers on some phones requires software from the manufacturer.

If your phone doesn't come with any of the above features, don't despair, as you're not out of luck. A final method is to invest in phone-syncing software. Although these products require an initial investment, it's not an ongoing one, and you'll be able to not only transfer photos but also sync your calendar, your contacts list and your messages.

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crystal2910 posted a comment   
United Kingdom

Can Anyone Help???
I Took Photos on my samsung camera with no memory card, the photos are saved to the camera memory although have lost my USB cable. Is there anyway i can transfer the photos to the memory card???
Please Help !!!!!


Corishl**** posted a comment   

I have a Samsung SGH-J700 and can't use my USB cable to get the photos off! HELP!!!


therese posted a comment   

i wont my pictures on my computer but like what everyone else is saying its not working!!!


Judy posted a comment   

My phone says charging also. What can I do.


Tayla posted a comment   

I have a nokia E71 and i have a USB for it but i just have no idea how to work it. i have looked at all the tutorials and still cant do it so if you can a comment, please. Xx


scooterb1010 posted a comment   

I have a usb cord and still cant get pictures off my on to my computer someone please help me


michelle posted a reply   

i cant get that either , i have a usb cord, but nothing comes up and it just charges argh haha


Raine posted a comment   

i have a usb cord and its connected to mi fone and computer but instead of transfering pictures it says its charging


tressa posted a reply   

u need to type in your phones name online for example: motorola razor usb downloads... its free and it works. trust me, i figured that out after months of complaining about it! no usb works without the download software

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