Getty to produce 20-gigapixel Olympic image

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Getty Images will piece together a 20-gigapixel image of the London Olympics opening ceremony.

(Screenshot by CBSi)

Not content with producing a range of photos using 3D and robotic camera techniques, Getty Images will also produce a 20-gigapixel shot of the London Olympics opening ceremony. Gigapixel images are made by stitching together hundreds or thousands of high-resolution photos. The finished Getty photo will be crunched by a Fujitsu workstation and churned out overnight. Aussie viewers can check in at the Getty Images site to inspect the finished photo on Saturday night.

With approximately 70,000 faces in the crowd, viewers will be able to zoom in on sections of the photo in order to tag themselves. It's not the first time that a gigapixel image of London has been created, with photographer Jeffrey Martin making an 80-gigapixel monster in 2010.

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