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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Giant AT-ST Halloween costume is genius

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(Credit: Cockeyed)

Every year, the internet has a field day with all the crazy Halloween costumes that people dream up. This is hands-down the best we've seen this year.

We are increasingly getting into the Halloween spirit in Australia, but we're nowhere near as serious about it as the US. Some people there take their costuming very seriously indeed — and seeing the ingenuity of what those people can dream up is just delightful.

Scott Holden is one of those people. In 2006, he constructed a mind-bogglingly elaborate Tauntaun costume. This year, he upped the ante with a 3-metre-high AT-ST puppet.

The process started with a 6-inch plastic AT-ST model, which Holden painstakingly measured to recreate a 3D model of the machine. This 3D model was then broken down into a flat-pack pattern using Solidworks, which was then cut and assembled out of Coroplast. Fine details were carved out of insulation foam, and Holden made several test runs of the legs to make sure that the puppetry apparatus worked properly.

It was quite a massive process, and one we can't do justice to here — if you want to know more, head over to Cockeyed for a full rundown and photo documentation.

You can see Holden's costume in action in the video below. How do you think he did?


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