Glitches plague the Pebble watch

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The Pebble smartwatch has finally started to arrive in the hands of its buyers, only for some customers to find that their watch is having problems — not the least of which is bricking after shutdown.

The glitch-screen issue.
(Credit: Bill Adler)

After many fits and starts, the Pebble smartwatch has finally started arriving in the hands of eagerly awaiting customers — only to be hit with a slew of problems.

A visit to the Pebble support forum reveals that for a number of users, the watch can:

To date, around 30,000 Pebble watches have shipped, according to Engadget, and the company has received around 30 reports of the bricking issue. Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky told the website that the company will replace free of charge any watch that refuses to turn back on.

Meanwhile, if you have a Pebble that is manifesting another issue, you can check the Pebble help page and the Pebble support forum.

CNET Australia has contacted Pebble for comment and will update this story when we have more information.

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ChaseB posted a comment   

(30/30000)*100 = 0.1%. Just sayin...


JesseK2 posted a comment   

Yes there have been glitches, but do glitches really 'plague' the watch? The majority of feedback I've read from consumers has been positive. With any tech product there are bound to be some defective units... how they handle their customers and replacing those units will really tell the company's staying power in the long term.

Also, keep in mind that this is a Kickstarter project that went viral, all you consumers out there! You're supporting a tiny little startup that has done very well considering the overwhelming demand for their watch.

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