Global TV shipments down again as Samsung dominates

The television market struggled through a second consecutive down quarter this year, new data from NPD DisplaySearch has revealed.

Panasonic had a rough second quarter globally.
(Credit: Panasonic)

The research firm reported today that total TV shipments worldwide hit 51.6 million, down 8 per cent compared to the same period last year. LCDs once again dominated the space, with 85.5 per cent market share and 44.1 million shipments. Cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions came in second place, with 8.4 per cent share and 4.3 million shipments. Plasmas could only muster the third-place spot, with 6.1 per cent share and 3.2 million shipments.

So, what's happening? NPD DisplaySearch said that a host of factors underlie the decline, including "worsening economic conditions worldwide and slower price erosion, which both affect consumer demand." In other words, economic conditions are prompting consumers to think twice about buying televisions, and prices are still too high for their liking.

The television market has been experiencing some real difficulties lately. During the first quarter of the year, for example, LCD shipments hit 43.1 million units, representing a 3 per cent decline compared to the same period in 2011. More notably, LCD shipments were down year over year for the first time ever.

It was a similarly troubling second quarter for LCDs, which saw unit shipments decline by 2 per cent year over year.

Despite all of that bad news, there were some silver linings. According to NPD DisplaySearch, so-called "advanced features", such as LED backlighting, higher frame rates and 3D, proved popular during the quarter.

Samsung was also pleased with its second quarter. The company's shipments rose 18 per cent year over year, helping it to secure 28.5 per cent market share. The second-place vendor, LG, nabbed 14.6 per cent of the market as shipments remained static. Sony and Panasonic took the third and fourth spots, respectively, but both companies saw their shipments drop by one third compared to last year.


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grumpi posted a comment   

TV sales won't pick up again until 4K becomes mainstream.


lalex81 posted a comment   

Samsung and LG have also shown to be ahead of the curve in Remote Control technology, with touchscreens, magic wands and motion detection.

Sony is shipping TVs with the same remote from 10 years ago.


signorebravo posted a comment   

....Typical to see Samsung and LG ahead of the Japanese; Panasonic and SONY. Samsung and LG seem to be a more keen to offer value added services to their Smart TV's for Aussie customers to enjoy. Samsung launched the Foxtel app for Samsung TV's in July 2012..... Still not on SONY or Panasonic TV's.... And the other South Korean player, LG (in 2nd place) launched the Big Pond Movies app over a year ago. It's only recently been added to Panasonic Smart TV's...... When will Panasonic and SONY be leaders again rather than followers...?


plmkoh posted a reply   

Because those leaders would rather lead in picture quality rather than some superficial pieces of software.


Carbonaceous posted a reply   

Panasonic has slipped because you cant buy the f@#&ing stuff! Simple as that...try and get a ST or VT series panel!

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