GoGet expands into Brisbane, integrates with public transport

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Car sharing service GoGet has entered the Brisbane market with a twist: it's now integrated into TransLink's public transport system.

(Credit: GoGet)

Like public transport, car sharing services attempt to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. While, typically ,GoGet issues RFID-enabled swipe cards that provide entry into its cars, in Brisbane, the company is offering a modified version of the cities TransLink's "Go Card", which already functions with buses, trains and ferries, allowing Brisbanites to seamlessly switch between the different modes of transport. To sweeten the pot, GoGet is offering each of its new Brisbane-based members a Go Card with AU$15 credit preloaded on it.

"Brisbane hasn't just joined other Australian cities by welcoming car share, it's actually leap-frogged all capital cities, by allowing Brisbanites to have a truly futuristic, completely integrated transport card," said Bruce Jeffreys, GoGet's co-founder. "Obviously, it will take time with some of our [other] cities. But, now, people can point to Brisbane and say 'they've provided the roadmap for how it can be done'."

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