Gold iPhone 5S goes under a knife

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In yet another leak, a gold iPhone 5S has been attacked with coins and a knife to see how much damage the new casing can withstand.

Scratch it like you mean it.
(Credit: Jailbreak Nation)

After so many leaks of new iPhone 5S housings, with the gold up for particularly detailed attention, it's not enough to just give people a close-up look anymore. No, that puppy needs to be torture tested if you want to stand out from the crowd of leaked case videos.

So it is that Jailbreak Nation has decided to offer up a scratch test that really takes the gold casing to task. Side by side with a black iPhone 5 for comparison, the Jailbreak Nation video starts with a little coin rubbing before progressing toward a full-blown scratch attack with a sharp knife.

It takes scratch testing to something of an extreme, beyond the shake-'n'-bake video we saw with the iPhone 5C recently, but the results are good food for thought for those considering their colour options and how they'll stand up to day-to-day abuse.

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