Gold iPhone 5s sells for US$10k on eBay

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We assumed that the gold-coloured iPhone 5s would prove popular, but this is a little overboard.

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Business Insider has spotted that a recent eBay auction for a 16GB iPhone 5s in gold has resulted in a final sale price of US$10,100 after 51 bids.

(Screenshot by CNET)

At the current exchange rate, that's just under AU$10,700 — a markup of about AU$9830.

To put this into perspective, you can buy an iPhone 5 (yes, last year's model) made of actual 24ct gold from a UK company called Goldstriker for £2895 or AU$4920.

Rumours have been rampant regarding the scarcity of the gold iPhone 5s. Around the world, the gold iPhone has sold out extremely quickly, both online and in-store, suggesting that there were limited numbers available.

An Optus representative has told CNET Australia that Optus has received no gold versions of the iPhone 5s in its inventory, while Telstra said it has received limited numbers that have sold out rapidly.

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