Gold plated Xbox One? It's yours for just AU$11,000

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Missed out on an Xbox One when they initially went on sale? Maybe you should grab the gold-plated one that Harrods has on sale.

(Credit: SirSyhn)

Priced at £6000 — roughly AU$10,900 — this is truly a unique item: Harrods confirmed to CNET UK that it has only one of the high-ticket items for sale.

Other than the plating, it's identical to an Xbox in every way, except you've been even more angry when someone scratches it trying to plug in a USB cable.

Looking like a James Bond prop, the Gold Box was spotted by Reddit user SirSyhn. Harrods hasn't given too much information on the device other than the price, so we can't even say if it's 24-carat or some lesser quality.

Either way, we're fairly confident there are better things to do with your money.

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Restricted_access posted a comment   

This is surely a supreme example of putting lipstick on a pig!

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