Google Calendar app finally hits Google Play

Previously available only on select devices, the official Google Calendar app can now be obtained by the rest of the Android community via Google Play.

(Credit: Google)

Finally, the greater Android community can download the official Google Calendar app straight from Google Play. Previously available only on select devices like the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, the official calendar app provides a robust hub for managing all of your calendars, including those associated with different Google accounts.

With today's release, the app also gets a few feature updates, including a "snooze" function, predefined messages to quickly notify event attendees of your status, pinch to zoom in and out of single-day view and a home time-zone setting. Also, you can now review events up to a year in the past, right from the app.

The official Google Calendar app is available for free download on Google Play now.


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DubDub posted a comment   

You didn't mention you must have ICS or above to run this.

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