Google+: friending with benefits

Google's latest foray into the waters of social media is a network-building tool called Google+ that attempts to control information better than other social networks.

Parsing the world of sharing into easier-to-digest pieces, Google+ hopes to build a sort of social intranet, where the right content finds the right people.

Here is a photo gallery highlighting some of its unique features, and a video that looks at how it's better — and worse — than Facebook.

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gregory.opera posted a comment   

I'm a Digger in the Australian Army and one of the things that the Australian Defense Force continually battles with is soldiers (usually-but-not-always the younger guys) posting inappropriate content on sites such as Facebook...

Sometimes the content posted by soldiers is not necessarily illegal, but may be offensive to some and/or morally questionable- often such content will be viewed more negatively by the public than within the Australian Defense Force and this is where Google has the potential to REALLY shine, because soldiers could easily restrict the viewing of such content to a specific group, say for example, "Army colleagues", "family" or "friends", excluding those that they do not wish to see it.

Of course, this is assuming Google can attract users in the first place, which I think will be an uphill battle... If Google can build a respectable following though, well Google could have a VERY successful future!

Please note that these comments and opinions are my own. The Australian Defense Force may not necessarily share the same views as myself, and these comments should be read with this understanding...


nanorazor posted a comment   

All companies are evil. simply go with the less evil one,but it will be hard.
I think having more option to social network is a good thing, when one fail the another can be alternative.


gregory.opera posted a comment   

Yeah, I think I trust Google over Facebook...


OnlyMeWorld posted a comment   

Sorry, but between Facebook & Google...I prefer Facebook! Google has been able to collect so much information about it's users, with google it's just a matter of time before all of our privacy rights are gone! Google is dangerous, and it plays very dirty with it's competitors compared to Facebook which is why it's always under investigation from the FTC! I think people should stick with Facebook or it's new alternative onlymeworld! ONLYMEWORLD has a different take on social networking as you will see from it's template design, and it's services & features! I think in a few years there will only be 2 social networks standing Facebook & ONLYMEWORLD!

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